Since June of 2017, we have had over 2,500 individuals recovering from substance abuse walk through our doors and join us in a workout.


Our Mission

Temperance Training is an inclusive community of men and women who have recovered from alcohol and drug addiction and who value spiritual and physical fitness. Our mission is to inspire health and hope and to de-stigmatize the disease of addiction in our society.


What we do

We offer free CrossFit classes, group meditations, and other sober festivities to anyone in recovery who has 24 hours or more of continuous sobriety. Loved ones are encouraged to join us; many have been equally affected by this disease. We foster personal growth through physical endurance, peer to peer accountability, and opportunities for service and fellowship.


How we do it

Passion. Community. Progress.



Passion is contagious. It creates excitement and fuels success! Our coaches and staff are passionate about helping others because we once faced the same struggles and understand the pain and hopelessness addiction brings. But we have recovered and are devoted to sharing our experience with others.


We strive to create a safe and inclusive community. We welcome new members from all walks of life. Whether you have 30 days or 30 years in sobriety, we are all equal in this fellowship. We suffer in isolation, but we recovery in community. Temperance Training is a "we" program, you don't have to do it alone.


Progress is daily. Through commitment, dedication, self-discipline, and a little help from our friends, we improve. As humans, we can never achieve absolute perfection. But if that is what we strive for, we can rest assured we will always have room to grow. Our progress in the gym is simply a rehearsal space for our daily lives in the real world. We begin to recognize our own strength and abilities, and gain the self-confidence to face other challenges in our lives.


what it looks like

We offer 100% free CrossFit classes six days per week as well as weekly group meditation sessions. We also organize free monthly group activities and outings ranging from volunteer opportunities to fellowship and fun gatherings. These programs enable members to give back to the community, build friendships, welcome newcomers, and experience joy and camaraderie in sobriety. Our goal is to help individuals whose lives have been broken, to rebuild. All of our services aim to provide a sense of belonging, a value for health and wellness, a feeling of usefulness, and hope for the future.

CrossFit is an ideal medium for achieving these goals. We believe that teaching the 9 fundamental movements of fitness, and variations of those movements, creates a sense of accomplishment and allows individuals to do things that they may have once thought impossible. On Sundays we begin with a group meditation, followed by a team workout. During the week we perform individual workouts and practice safe and effective movements. The ritual of everyone coming together week after week to accomplish difficult tasks, while encouraging each other to persevere, is truly a special thing to be a part of.



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