Meet Our Team

Our coaches are our roots. They lead by example with no attitude of holier than thou. We take great pride in our coaching, mentoring, and management staff, as one of our greatest passions in life is helping you find yours.


Tim Mustion, founder/coach

After years of struggling with substance abuse and trying to get clean, Tim has been able to find his purpose in life. Being an athlete of many sports his whole life, Tim found CrossFit which allowed him to continue his passion of competing. Being in recovery means helping out the newcomer by any means possible, so coaching for Tim was a perfect vocation. "Helping someone strive towards their fitness goals and seeing their eyes shine for the first time when they get a muscle up, or hit a personal record on a lift is unlike any high." 

TT fazio atlas stone.jpg

Anthony fazio, founder/coach

As a sober athlete in long-term recovery, Anthony's goals in life coincide with his goals in fitness. Anthony's goal in life is to help others. He does that in all areas of his life. As a CrossFit coach, Anthony not only gets to lead by example, but he gets to help others achieve their fitness goals which he believes is "the most rewarding thing I have done in my life."

Rob Thomas Owner CrossFit HYPE Temperance Training fitness boca raton gym addiction recovery drug south florida

Rob thomas, Founder/coach

Rob offers a unique quality of never having had a drink or a drug his whole life. Rob has always had his mind set on success. He wants to offer his mindset to as many people who are struggling with substance abuse to encourage them to conquer their own goals. "The first step in success is realizing what you want."