Temperance Training, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation with a focus on saving lives through fitness.


We need your help so that we can provide the best coaching, Mentoring, programs / program expansion, facilities, Job opportunities, SPONSORSHIP and equipment possible! Aid will help in that supply while also furthering our outreach to those that need help.


Opioids have caused thousands of deaths in SOUTH Florida in recent years, nearly 1700 In 2016 alone. The wide range of drug use and corrupt treatment facilities has consumed those trying to help. in florida during 2016, fentanyl caused 1,390 deaths, heroin caused 952 deaths, oxycodone caused 723 deaths, and hydrocodone caused 245 deaths, according to a House staff analysis.


If we have the ability to save one life, it is a journey worth exploring. We are here to be a part of the cure.


Help spread the Temperance Movement!

all donations will be approved for tax deductions.


Our current need is large.

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We have had roughly 2,500 people walk through our door for a workout in the past year. That could be potentially 2,500 saved lives. A taste of passion, community, and progress, all in one instance, may be what it takes to inspire someone to overcome addiction.

Temperance Training currently functions off an in-house shoestring budget and we are servicing as many people as possible under our financial restraints. our goal set has us positioned in every city in south florida within the coming years to help those in need. With further financial aid from donations our ability to help people recover through fitness, as well as enrich those lives in long term recovery, grows.


Financial aid through donations will help pay for services accounted for :

 - Coaching

- facility Rent / Equipment / Maintenance

 - Management

- Community outreach team

- Event coordination

- Marketing to grow local recovery communities knowledge of Temperance Training

- Foundation servicing

- Patient Treatment/membership sponsorship





Your donation allows us to continue provide the best environment in Florida for you or your loved ones. We need your help so we can grow and reach thousands more! Anything helps!

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about this program. Chances are you or somebody that you know is struggling or have struggled with substance abuse and we want to help! Search us on Instagram or facebook and share away! @TemperanceTraining