Here are our founders and coaches.

To be a-part of our foundation, you must be from within. One that leads from aside, not above. We take great pride in our coaching, mentoring, and management staff, as one of our greatest passions in life is helping you find yours.


Tim Mustion, founder/coach

After years of struggling with substance abuse and trying to get clean, Tim has been able to find his purpose in life. Being an athlete of many sports his whole life, Tim found CrossFit which allowed him to continue his passion of competing. Being in recovery means helping out the newcomer by any means possible, so coaching for Tim was a perfect solution. "Helping someone strive towards their fitness goals and seeing the eyes shine for the first time when they get a muscle up, or hit a personal record on a lift is unlike any high." 

TT fazio atlas stone.jpg

Anthony fazio, founder/coach

As a sober athlete in long-term recovery, Anthony's goals in life coincide with his goals in fitness. Anthony's goal in life is to help others. He does that in all areas of his life. As a CrossFit coach, Anthony not only gets to lead by example, but he gets to help others achieve their fitness goals which he believes is "the most rewarding thing I have done in my life."

Rob Thomas Owner CrossFit HYPE Temperance Training fitness boca raton gym addiction recovery drug south florida

Rob thomas, Founder/coach

Rob offers a unique quality of never having a drink or a drug his whole life, he represents the other side of recovery. Rob has had his mind set on succeeding. While Rob's definition of success has changed as he has grown older, his mind has always been set on accomplishing goals. He wants to offer his mindset to as many people who are struggling with substance abuse and with what they want in life. "The first step in success is realizing what you want."


RJ Baldoni, coach

Being an ex-Collegiate Water Polo player, RJ is not afraid of some hard work and putting in those hours at the gym. When RJ began to abuse drugs and alcohol during his college career, he had to stop playing Water Polo and seek help. When he moved to Florida in 2012 to get sober he stumbled across CrossFit. "Words cannot convey how important CrossFit has been in my recovery. I quickly developed a passion for coaching and have been able to help others live a healthier life."

Jeremy Plummer coaching Temperance Training CrossFit HYPE South florida addiction recovery drug rehab treatment boca raton fitness gym south florida

Jeremy Plummer, Coach

After many years of struggling with addiction, Jeremy moved to Florida in 2016 with the hopes of finding a solution. He found that and so much more! Crossfit soon became an integral part of his recovery. Now being a coach, he says it’s the most fulfilling thing he’s ever done. “I did whatever it took to get my next fix, now I will do whatever it takes to help others stay away from it and Temperance Training has given me the ability to do that!”